Week 5: Day 29 (2/20/2017)

Day #: 29

Last Week’s Change of the Week: Get on a regular sleep schedule – Wake up at approximately 7 am every day (give or take an hour) and go to sleep at approximately 11 pm every evening (give or take an hour).

This Week’s New Change of the Week: Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Current Weight: 229.2 lbs (104 kg)

Total Weight Change: 1.8 lbs lost (+0.82 kg lost)

Current Mood: Decent, happy to see some progress.

Another pound lost! And I’ve almost lost a net weight of 2 lbs so far.

Now, I know I’m posting this up really really late, but I didn’t want to skip my post for this week.

To be honest, getting on a normal sleep schedule is really difficult. I’ve always been a night owl. So, trying to go to sleep naturally at 9 or 10 pm (or even 11 pm for that matter) is insanely difficult for me and frankly feels really unnatural to me. I feel like I’m wasting time or something and that I have to go do something productive. I mean, I do have some of my most creative ideas and epiphanies come to me in the wee hours of the night. Like this blog. Haha. *Sigh* But seriously, it is a problem. And, it continues to be a problem.

I’m still struggling to get on a normal sleep schedule…And, I’m learning the hard way that some of these life changes that I’m making will definitely take more than a week or even a couple weeks to really implement. I’m moving in the right direction for my sleep schedule. Now, I just need to work on getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. As of late, I’ve been averaging about 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep, which is just not enough for me. An ideal amount is about 8 hours, but that would mean I would have to set aside at least 9 hours for sleep, and I just don’t think I can commit to that at this time. Last week I was averaging about 5 hours a night, so at least I am making improvements this week, but ideally I’d like to get those 7 hours of sleep in a night so I don’t feel like a basket case during my waking hours.

So, basically for this week, these are the things that I’ll be doing:

-64 oz. water daily

-Consume 2,000 calories or less a day (while maintaining a 1,000 calorie deficit)

-Include physical activity at least twice a week (30 minute exercise sessions)

-10,000 step minimum a day

-Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night

-Wake up between 6-8 am and go to sleep between 9-11 pm.

I’ll report back this coming Monday (I’m really going to try to be on time with the post this time, I swear!). TTFN! 🙂

*Note: No picture this week. I’ve actually decided that I’ll just post a progress picture of myself when I hit a weight loss milestone, such as 5 lbs lost, 10 lbs lost, 15 lbs lost, etc. I will also include a sort of reward system for me, to celebrate my milestones. I’ll talk more about it next week!*


Week 4: Day 22 (2/13/2017)

Day #: 22

Last Week’s Change of the Week: Limit daily caloric intake to no more than 2,000 calories.

This Week’s New Change of the Week: Get on a regular sleep schedule – Wake up at approximately 7 am every day (give or take an hour) and go to sleep at approximately 11 pm every evening (give or take an hour).  

Current Weight: 230.2 lbs (104.4 kg)

Total Weight Change: 0.8 lbs lost (+0.36 kg lost)

Current Mood: Happy! Feeling good!

Finally had a week where I see some progress – at least in terms of the weight scale. Woohoo! I know this journey is NOT just about losing weight… But…. it’s nice to see the scale number going in the right way. Haha.

Last week was a bit disappointing because I gained 1.1 lbs. But, I didn’t let that get me down. I worked hard this week and lost 1.9 lbs, making my overall net loss 0.8 lbs from my starting weight of 231 lbs.

So, what did I do this week to make myself so successful? It’s simple, I stuck to the plan. I tracked everything that I ate and kept my daily caloric intake under 2,000 calories, while still maintaining a 1,000 calorie deficit. I also drank at least 64 fl oz water and got in my 10,000 steps everyday.

I also exercised twice this week by going for a 30 minute walk on Saturday and by doing a free, hour-long yoga class at Lululemon on Sunday. Man, the class was really intense and challenging, especially since I haven’t done any exercise classes since September of last year. But I powered through it, gave it my best shot, sweat my butt off, and had a lot of fun. It was almost euphoric. It was also nice that I went with a few of my friends, so they kept me accountable.

This week, my goal is to be on a more normal and regular sleep schedule, because I really do have a problem with insomnia. At the moment, I’m just getting over a mild cold. It wasn’t the worst, but it was bad enough to get me to go to sleep early a few nights in a row. So, I’m taking advantage of this situation, and I’m going to make sure I continue going to sleep fairly early (at least for me – considering my normal sleep time is around 4 am). And, going to sleep early makes it easier for me to wake up earlier, which in turn makes me more productive during the day.

We’ll see how this goes. Be sure to tune in next week!



Week 3: Day 15 (2/6/2017)

Day #: 15

Last Week’s Change of the Week: Exercise at least 2 times a week (30 min exercise session minimum)

This Week’s New Change of the Week: Limit daily caloric intake to no more than 2,000 calories.

Current Weight: 232.1 lbs (105.3 kg)

Total Weight Change: +1.1 lbs gain (+0.3 kg gain)

Current Mood: Extremely put out…Wondering what I can do to do better.

Sorry this post is a bit late. I wrote it all down, I just didn’t get a chance to put it up on my blog.

So, the weight scale said that I gained weight, which obviously makes me unhappy. But, I have some possible explanations for this:

1) I’m using a new weight scale ~ I just bought a FitBit Aria, which I think is more accurate than my last weight scale. So, perhaps the previous readings were incorrect.


2) I just started PMS’ing ~ I start experiencing PMS symptoms about 10 days before my period and I always feel uncomfortably bloated. I tend to carry some extra weight during PMS because of water retention (I have experience with this with my last weight loss program from several years ago).

3) Maybe I ate too much ~ I stuck within the limits of my calorie plan, meaning I maintained the calorie deficit at 1,000 calories (1,000 calories more were burned than were taken in). However, there were days where I consumed over 2,500 calories, which was a lot even for me. That’s why this week, I’m going to try to keep my caloric intake to under 2,000 calories, regardless of how many calories I burn.

4) Perhaps the initial weight gain was caused by increase of physical activity? ~ According to an article  published by the Cleveland Clinic, “A new exercise regimen puts stress on your muscle fibers, which causes small micro tears/micro trauma and some inflammation, and those two conditions in your muscle fibers are the reason you may gain some weight.” So, maybe since I started exercising this past week, this is just an example of me gaining some initial weight, which should go away soon.

To be honest, I don’t know why I gained 1.1 lbs. I can speculate all I want, but that won’t give me a clear answer. I don’t want to just be depressed either. So, instead I choose to be proactive. I’ll keep doing the healthy habits that I’ve picked up over the past few weeks (10,000 steps everyday, 64 fl oz water daily, exercise 2 times a week – 30 min at least), and just tweak my meal plan again, keeping caloric intake to under 2,000 calories daily.

I won’t let this make me discouraged. I won’t let this make me quit. I will persevere. I will continue on. And, in the words of Mitch McConnell, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing.  This is a journey and I fully accept that. There will be good weeks and there will be bad weeks. Overall, this is a self-learning experience.

Let’s see what this week brings for me…

Here’s a picture of me from this past week (see below):


Looks like my belly is a bit more visible…lol