Hi! My nalidaame is Allie! I’m from Chicago and I’m a 29 year old music teacher, aspiring nursing student (just returned to school to go into the field), liberal (SJW), animal lover, aspiring vegetarian/vegan, and inter-sectional feminist (No, I don’t hate men – I just believe in equality).

I live with my wonderful husband Dave, my parents, my younger sister, my old dog Scruppy, and my Siberian kitty Pusheen. 

I have many loves in my life including: learning languages (English is my native language, but I can also speak Japanese, German, Dutch, French, and a little Spanish), playing video games (I really like survival horror like the Fatal Frame series and the Resident Evil series, traveling (this year I already have plans to visit Florida, Germany, Maryland, and Canada), shopping, playing with my cat, and eating (Obviously! Haha!).